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Our Mission

EdTechLive’s mission is to amplify student voice to create engaging and effective education.

Our Student Educational Engagement Diagnostic Survey (SEEDS) measures how students experience a lesson cognitively, socially, emotionally, and through lesson design, content accessibility, and technology use. Survey results provide educators with personalized professional learning tips and student feedback to improve class instructional strategies and engagement.

How it works


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Anonymously provide feedback on surveys to inform lesson improvement.



Measure student engagement of your lessons, and get personalized tips and feedback based on survey results.

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Gain visibility into your institution’s student engagement scores to drive systemic improvement.


Tip Masters

Provide personalized Tips to educators.

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“Just a note to thank you for this opportunity. I learned so much. I’ve been in education for 29 years and I was able to learn all the aspects in student engagement. The student feedback was priceless. You have something amazing here!  Thank you!”

Alma Ruiz, English Learner Educator, Elk Grove Village CCSD #59

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to be able to experience EdTechLive.  I loved the platform and thought it was great to give kids a platform to voice their perspective on various lessons.”

Ellen Krcik, Educator and Special Needs Learning Behavior Specialist, Grove Junior High, Elk Grove Village CCSD #59