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EdTechLive specializes in academics.

Our academics mission is to amplify student voices to create engaging effective education.

Our academics goal is to help educators create more engaging lessons through SEEDS (Student Educational Engagement EdTech Diagnostic Survey), an online platform for easy administration of anonymous student surveys and generation of personalized professional learning tips. SEEDS empowers educators to better understand how their students' experience a lesson and receive actionable tips to improve student engagement within a semester, not at the end.

Our personalized professional learning for the tech-enabled classroom helps educators measure and increase student engagement, receive personalized lesson-based tips, and improve educational outcomes. With each survey administration, educators receive personalized tips to improve student engagement at the lesson level from our subject area Tip Masters. Tips are personalized to the educator's grade level, subject area, survey questions, lesson description, and educational technology used.


Research demonstrates that engaged students are more successful academically. However, it is hard for educators to know which aspects of their lessons keep students engaged, and to stay abreast of the latest instructional technology resources that can improve engagement. SEEDS measures how students experience a lesson cognitively, socially, emotionally, and through lesson design, content accessibility, and technology use. SEEDS questions were constructed on the foundation of student-centered, research-based teaching and learning theory.

How academics works is that educators can issue unlimited anonymous student surveys. Based on survey results, Educators receive personalized professional learning tips and timely student feedback within a course, not at the end. Timely feedback allows educators to improve the lesson for their current students, who may have different needs than future students. Educators are able to compare and share results with their learning community, but can choose not share survey results with anyone. Survey results provide educators with personalized professional learning tips and student feedback to improve class instructional strategies and engagement.

Successful academics is based on enabling educators to quickly and easily solicit student feedback on their engagement, receive actionable tips for improvement, and adjust specific instructional strategies to significantly improve student learning.

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Academics improves student engagement one lesson at a time.

EdTechLive's team has extensive experience with analyzing and providing recommendations regarding academics.

Our ETL founding team includes former teachers, school administrators, programmers, corporate consultants, entrepreneurs, and a myriad of other professional perspectives for academics. Our founding team also hails from all rungs of the socio-economic spectrum.

Our team's diverse perspectives, imbued with equal voice and included in all decision-making, are why EdTechLive successfully addresses your academics needs.

Academics helps keep students engaged and educators supported with actionable strategies to improve student outcomes.

Academics helps educators hone their instructional strategies and improve student success.

Academics helps administrators track and improve student engagement.

Academics helps gain system-wide visibility into student engagement and professional learning to drive improvements in educational outcomes.

EdTechLive helps you support academics to make tracking student engagement and sharing tips easy.

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