Keep Your Students Engaged!

Hone your instructional strategies and improve student success

Gather student feedback and receive personalized professional learning tips from our Tip Masters to improve student engagement with your lessons.

Set up your classes

Set up classes and send notifications to students when surveys are available.

Issue surveys

Easily administer anonymous student engagement surveys using web and mobile applications.

Get your results

Receive surveys results with personalized and actionable professional learning tips at the lesson level.

Compare your results

Compare your student engagement scores with other educators’ by lesson, grade, subject, school, district, state, and nation!

Track student engagement over time

Track student engagement over time to show continuous improvement!

Receive actionable personalized professional learning tips

Based on student engagement scores, improve your practice by receiving professional learning tips from our Tip Masters that will excite and engage students!


Share tips

Share helpful tips that increased your students engagement with your learning community!

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